Types of lockers

Types of lockers
Gladiator locker
The Gladiator sports locker combines sturdiness and durability, smooth ventilation, quietness and low noise, and powder coating, which redefine the attractiveness of the locker. The sturdy parts and the barrier-free sturdy design undoubtedly add a touch of beauty to the locker. The air-permeable door and side panels make the air circulation of the gladiator locker smoother-this is essential for sports venues.
Royal locker
Thanks to its smooth and clean streamline, sturdiness and durability, smooth and silent in use, the royal storage cabinet can be used in various places. In addition, the royal storage cabinet has become the first choice of many users due to its wide range of sizes, compartments and color options.
Student locker
A cabinet used by students to store clothes and articles; it can be used by four people in a standard apartment or eight people in an ordinary student dormitory.