Types of wardrobe mirrors

Types of wardrobe mirrors
1. Push and pull full-length mirror
The installation of a sliding wardrobe mirror is more complicated than a fixed mirror. Sliding mirrors are also called rotating mirrors by many people, and they are very popular wardrobe mirrors. This kind of full-length mirror is installed on the inner panel of the wardrobe cabinet when the wardrobe is designed and installed. It is close to the side panel when it is not used, and will not occupy the space of the wardrobe. The fitting mirror will be used when needed. Pull it out along the guide rail, and then rotate it ninety degrees, parallel to the back plate, directly facing the user, and the operation is simple and convenient. Moreover, the frame and guide rail are generally made of road alloy, which is durable and stable. The processed aluminum alloy has a beautiful color and texture. The whole sliding wardrobe mirror integrates beauty and practicality.
2. Folding full-length mirror
The sliding wardrobe mirror is fashionable and convenient, but it is placed inside the wardrobe. The size of the wardrobe mirror is easily limited by the wardrobe size. For some consumers who prefer large full-length mirrors, they can choose folding full-length mirrors. The installation of the folding full-length mirror is the same as the sliding wardrobe full-length mirror, which is rotated after being pulled out. The only difference is that the folding full-length mirror can be opened to increase the mirror area and cover a wider area.
3. Fix the wardrobe mirror
The fixed mirror of the wardrobe mirror is installed by fixing the mirror on the wardrobe door. The installation process is very simple. You only need to buy a suitable full-length mirror and fix it in the closet, usually attached to the inside of the closet door. After opening the closet door, the mirror is at a right angle of 90 degrees to the back plate. The user also needs to turn 90 degrees to face the mirror. The use process is slightly inconvenient. You can also directly inlay the dressing mirror on the outside of the wardrobe door, but you need to pay attention to the beauty in the design process. The fixed mirror does not require too much operation, and it is a commonly used method to save space and time.