Variety characteristics of the overall kitchen

Refractory panel door

Such door panels usually use environmentally-friendly E1 large core panels as the base material, and high-quality, environmentally-friendly fireproof panels are attached to the outside. The surface wear resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, anti-permeation, easy to clean, flat and non-deformable, beautiful color and other characteristics, make the fire-resistant door panel very suitable for the use requirements of modern kitchen cabinets. This kind of board generally has many new designs coming out every year, some of which are specially designed for kitchen cabinets, which cater to the requirements of the combination of beauty and practicality of kitchen cabinets, and become common materials for door panels.

Painted door

Usually refers to the door panel that is sprayed with environmentally friendly paint on high-quality E1 grade medium density fiberboard and other substrates, and then processed by baking and drying or surface polishing. Colorful and diverse, usually without edge sealing, not easy to stain, and easy to clean. Among them, the high-gloss color and metallic texture brought by the metallic paint are very gorgeous and noble. However, the requirements for technical craftsmanship, processing environment and operation technology are relatively high. If the craftsmanship is not enough, defects such as uneven paint surface, partial paint removal or staining are easy to form. Paint door panels require attention to use and maintenance, and avoid scratching or impact with hard objects.

PVC three-dimensional door panel

The surface of the 18mm high-quality environmentally-friendly MDF substrate is vacuum-pressurized and adsorbed by special equipment to form a three-dimensional PVC film (thickness 0.35-0.7mm). The surface of this door panel can be used for various decorations or shapes. It has the characteristics of rich and changeable color and no need to seal. It avoids the problems of glue opening or moisture absorption on the edge of the veneer door panel. It is also called “no defect” in the world. Plank”. The quality of this door panel mainly depends on the quality of the PVC three-dimensional mold and processing equipment and technology.

Crystal plate

The surface of the E1 large core board substrate is pasted with various acrylic boards with a thickness of about 1.8-2mm (acrylic is a polymer composite material, whose scientific name is polymethyl methacrylate). The door panels are usually sealed with the same color crystal panel or aluminum profile. The crystal door has rich colors, crystal clear texture, many artificial patterns, and is easy to clean. Avoid scratches or impacts from hard objects.

Stainless steel door

The base material of stainless steel door panel is generally imported from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other places of high-quality SUS304 plate (cold-rolled plate, commonly used thickness is 0.6mm), and the surface is frosted. Stainless steel plate has good physical and chemical properties: acid and alkali resistance, long service life , But the color is relatively monotonous, and the visual effect is “hard”, giving people a cold feeling. Therefore, the kitchen cabinets made of stainless steel are not many choices for customers. However, some users like to use stainless steel for cabinets with other door panels to give consideration to durability and aesthetics.

Solid wood door

The unique texture and texture of natural wood has an elegant atmosphere of returning to nature and returning to the original. Most domestic high-end solid wood kitchen cabinet door panels are made of imported high-grade solid wood, with exquisite processing of edges, corners, decorative lines and other processing and painting techniques, and various elegant and gorgeous door panel shapes, giving it a strong aristocratic atmosphere and more popular Successful people welcome. But it is usually more expensive.

Aijia panel door

It is a melamine double-faced particleboard produced by the German company EGGER (produced by the Austrian factory). This door panel has the advantages of rich color, fine texture, high pattern simulation, solid texture, not easy to deform, and flat corners. It can be sealed with 2mm PVC edge sealing or metal edge sealing. It is one of the main door materials used in European kitchen cabinets. Aijia Panel is a high-quality door panel with high environmental protection (the highest international standard, European E1 level), and the price is relatively high in the market, so there are many counterfeit products. When choosing Aijia Panel, consumers must pay attention to the origin mark or EGGER company’s logo. power of attorney.

Moisture-proof door panel

The double-sided melamine-impregnated decorative panel with E1 environmental protection and moisture-proof particleboard as the base material is used as the door material. There are many imported and domestic brands of this material, and the quality of different brands differs greatly. Generally speaking, the materials and characteristics of most imported brands and some domestic high-quality brands are similar to Aijia boards; however, there are also some domestic double veneer boards. Due to the use of cheap raw materials or technology, their physical properties, environmental protection performance or surface The degree of exquisiteness does not meet the requirements of the kitchen cabinet panel, which requires special attention from consumers.