Various sizes of cabinets

Overall cloakroom
The overall cloakroom is a dedicated space for storage, storage, dressing and dressing that has gradually become popular among young people in recent years. The overall cloakroom usually has three forms: open, independent, and embedded. Users can choose which form of cloakroom according to their own conditions.

Various sizes of cabinets
The heights of the clothes rails are 170 cm, 130 cm and 90 cm respectively, which are used to hang long coats, short coats and trousers.
Shoe cabinet in the cloakroom: each pair of shoes: width 20 cm, height 15 cm, depth 30 cm. The width of low boots must be 28 cm, the height of 30 cm, and the height of high boots must be 50 cm.
The grid for underwear is 15 cm wide and 12 cm high; the grid for socks is 8 cm wide and 9 cm high.
The box for the hat needs to be 35 to 45 cm in diameter and 25 cm high.
The installation height of the drawer should not exceed 130 cm.