Villa decoration

Secret 1: Both the positive and the negative brought by the height of the floor all become positive energy
Due to the height of the villa decoration, it has both positive and negative effects. On the bright side, it feels more open, brighter and more transparent. On the other hand, in some functional areas (such as restaurants, reception rooms, etc.) that need to reserve space for the owner’s activities, it will feel empty. Therefore, the designer made great efforts on the ceiling, made different shapes, and matched the color matching to make it no longer a blank area, filling the visual space.
Secret 2: The integration of home culture and artistic atmosphere complements each other
In the decoration of this villa, there are many gorgeous and dazzling designs. But what I admire most is the design of this study. Not surprisingly, the design of this place was indeed inspired by the British Library. The entire book wall is not only a cultural symbol, but also a space decoration. The open design also integrates the study room, the reception room, and the location of the piano. Just by looking at it, you can imagine the host family sitting here comfortably after dinner, reading amidst the sound of children’s music, or talking softly.
Secret 3: A little change, the old European style glows with new glory
Although the decoration of this villa is based on European style as the biggest style theme. However, in all aspects, it actually covers the essence of many other styles, and has made certain expansions and improvements on the basis of European style.
①Considering the owner’s living habits, a shower room was built in the bathroom to separate dry and wet, but the European style was retained in the selection of wall and floor tiles, basins, etc.;
②In the bedroom and aisle, some Southeast Asian style murals and rattan wood furniture are introduced, which enrich the connotation and visual effect of the villa to a certain extent.