Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture
Retro furniture is antique furniture. Nowadays, many Chinese home decoration emphasizes antique style, which is considered to be a fashion, and antique furniture also follows the trend. The most prominent feature of antique furniture is imitation, that is, imitation, imitation, and the other is ancient, which refers to the household appliances that imitate the daily use of ancients, mainly referring to beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, etc. In recent years, with the gradual emergence of the humanistic value of antique furniture, it has become more and more popular.
Retro furniture making
The appearance, form and style of antique furniture were mainly shaped in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. At this time, the furniture style was the most formed and most loved by people. Therefore, the style and appearance of antique furniture in modern home decoration are mostly used in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Furniture shadow. There are currently four general production methods for antique furniture on the market.
Mainly include: the first category: old materials and new works. This category is most often mistaken for the original. Although the original work was damaged a lot, the old materials used to repair the damaged parts such as the seat surface and the back plate are all the same old materials, which seem to be almost the same as the original work, and can reflect a kind of antique taste.
The second category: part assembly. Use the spare parts of different old furniture to piece together a new form of furniture. Although it seems that they are all old materials, because they are made of patchwork, they may have the wrong proportions, and have lost the basic form of antique furniture. It is essentially antique, but it does not have the rustic beauty of antique furniture from the inside out. .
The third category: new materials and new works. This type of furniture is not difficult to distinguish from the shape or wood, and its price can be high or low, which can be regarded as new furniture with ancient meaning.
The fourth category: New materials, new works and old ones, are the fakes that are often said nowadays. Using modern physical and chemical methods, spraying, corrosion and other methods, they can create an antique feeling, but they cannot reflect a kind of from the inside to the outside. The classic sense is a kind of antique furniture without much classical meaning.