Walk-in cloakroom

Walk-in cloakroom
It is necessary to design an ironing table in the cloakroom. Some clothes are a little wrinkled and ironed at any time. This design uses the drawer principle to make the ironing table into a small mechanism that can be expanded and contracted freely. It is a cloakroom with a size of several square meters. The most intimate design in.
For small-sized families with an inch of land and money, dividing a cloakroom at home is not a luxury. Choose a more spacious space in your home and divide a long and narrow area that can be freely accessed. The storage cabinet from the floor to the ceiling directly separates the cloakroom from other spaces. Although there is only a single-sided storage area, a large enough storage partition wall with sufficient patterns can already accommodate a certain amount of clothing storage.
Shirt folding area, shoe area, trousers hanging area, clothes hanging area, storage box area, small and flat cloakroom, the space is well divided, the storage is orderly, and you are pleasantly surprised to find that there is a pair of tables and chairs beside the bay window The original owner designed the work area in the cloakroom, making good use of the extra space.
The mirror in the cloakroom is generally used to see the effect of wearing and to organize the instrument when wearing it, but for a small space, such a large mirror that acts as a wall from head to toe has another function, that is, enlargement. The sense of space, in the case, the long and narrow cloakroom is well “stretched” by the mirror.
At first glance, it is a case of a cloakroom for a single beauty. The cloakroom is squeezed out in brighter white, and the clothes are neatly folded on the shelves. The slope design of the shoe rack is also very convenient, which can facilitate the daily selection of the ever-changing young lady It is worth mentioning that the mirror, the floor-to-ceiling mirror with rim is very atmospheric, creating a gorgeous space with the silver background wall and chandelier.
The cloakroom is only about 2 square meters, the storage space is very spacious, there is a place for clothes, the design of the space is also very simple, and the background wall at the end of the cloakroom will not be left out. The homeowner hangs it very artistic The emotional picture frame adds a bit of quality to the small space.
When I walked into this cloakroom, I thought I was in a small clothes shop. Because the space is very long, it has enough capacity. Clothes, shoes, etc. are sorted and stored in an orderly manner in each area. There is really a dazzling array of items. a feeling of.
The baby in the family also has a lot of clothes. As the age grows, there will be more and more clothes. A cloakroom is specially designed for the children to solve the storage problem. The space does not need to be large. 1-2 flat is enough. In this case , The addition of some small storage baskets makes neat storage upgrades.