Walk-in closet

Walk-in closet
 Walk-in closet, also known as walk-in closet. It is a separate use of a room or space as a place for clothing and hats, seasonal items storage, fitting, and makeup. It belongs to custom furniture.
What is a walk-in closet
Walk-in wardrobe cannot be counted as a wardrobe in the true sense, because it uses an entire room as a storage room for clothes, so it can also be called a cloakroom, which is a category of custom furniture.
The walk-in closet has a very large storage space. It can not only be used for clothing storage, but also can store shoes, accessories, etc. Generally, what we see in shopping malls is a large walk-in closet.
Advantages and disadvantages of walk-in closet:
The biggest advantage of the walk-in closet is its storage space and activity space, usually equipped with a full-length mirror, so it is very convenient for fitting and changing clothes. However, because the walk-in closet requires a very large space, it is not suitable for small-sized houses, and the waste of space is very serious. Walk-in wardrobes do not have doors like ordinary wardrobes. They are open, so there will be dust accumulation and other phenomena, which require frequent cleaning.
Walk-in closet size
The interior of the walk-in closet is the main body of storage, so the internal size design of the walk-in closet is very important. The internal dimensions of the walk-in closet are designed according to the storage of clothes.
1. The installation height of the clothes rail in the walk-in closet is usually the height of the owner plus 200mm, and the distance between the upper edge of the clothes rail and the top of the cabinet is 40mm-60mm, which is convenient for taking clothes.
2. The entry depth of the walk-in bedroom wardrobe is generally between 550mm and 600mm. This is designed according to the width of general clothes and the thickness of the wardrobe door to facilitate the opening of the wardrobe door and prevent clothing from wrinkling.
3. Bedroom wardrobe size, the best hanging coat height is 1400mm, usually the longest nightgown hanging height is less than 1400mm, and the general long down jacket is also at 1300mm, suits are at 1200mm, so the height of the hanging coat The interval is designed between 1400mm and 1600mm according to requirements.
4. The height of the top hanging in the internal size of the walk-in bedroom closet is usually between 850mm~950mm, and the height of hanging pants is between 800mm~900mm. The height of the quilt is more flexible, about 300mm. This area is mainly used to store quilts that are not used in seasons, and is generally set at the top of the wardrobe. The height of storing shoes can be designed according to the height of the two shoe boxes, and it can be controlled between 250mm and 300mm. The width of the internal dimensions of the walk-in bedroom closet In addition to the height of the walk-in bedroom closet, the width must also meet the needs of users. The inner size and width of the bedroom wardrobe can be designed according to the classification of men’s and women’s clothing. 1. The size and width of the wardrobe in the bedroom for hanging men’s clothing, the length of general jackets, coats, and shirts are between 775mm and 1000mm; the trousers area folded and hung on the trouser rack of the wardrobe is between 725mm and 925mm; the total length of the pants is 1175mm~ 1325mm; between 1200mm~1350mm for hanging coat area. 2. The inner size and width of the wardrobe in the bedroom for women’s clothing. The size of general shirts and jackets is between 625mm and 875mm; the sizes of skirts, half coats and short coats are between 775mm and 1075mm; the sizes of dresses, long coats and short robes are between 1200mm. Between ~1375mm, the size of long dress and long evening dress is between 1525mm~1700mm.