Wall decoration materials

Integrated wall decoration material-wallpaper wall covering
Wall decoration fabrics are currently the most widely used wall decoration materials in my country. The wall decoration is deeply loved by users with its changeable patterns, rich colors, the appearance of imitating traditional materials, and the special effects produced by the unique soft texture to soften the space and beautify the environment. The base materials of these wallpapers and wall coverings are all-plastic, cloth-based, asbestos fiber-based and glass fiber-based, etc. Its functions are sound absorption, heat insulation, antibacterial, fire, mildew, and water resistance. Good decorative effects . It is more common in hotels, residences, office buildings, dance halls, theaters and other indoor walls and ceilings with decorative requirements.
Integrated wall decoration material-artificial decorative board
The wood has high elasticity and toughness, high heat capacity, and good decoration. In terms of interior decoration, the beautiful natural patterns of wood give people a simple and cordial texture, showing the unpretentious traditional natural beauty to obtain a unique decorative effect. However, wood also has defects such as uneven internal structure, which causes anisotropy to change water content with the surrounding humidity, which causes expansion or contraction, which is easy to corrode, and insects are easy to burn. Natural flaws are more.
Integrated wall decoration materials-stone
Building stone refers to some products that can be sawed and polished and used for architectural decoration on buildings, including natural stone and artificial stone. Natural decorative stone refers to natural marble and natural granite. The characteristics of natural stoneNatural stone is a general term that is mined from natural rock masses and processed into block or plate materials.