Wall renovation steps

1. Clean the wall
There is a small white powder on the wall, which indicates that the salt in the wall is “precipitated” during the drying process of the cement. At this time, Jiuzheng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. recommends that it be removed with a nylon brush or iron brush. White powder will separate out again, and after the cement wall is dry and smooth, it can be painted. If there is a lot of white powder on the surface of the cement wall and it keeps separating out, after cleaning it, you can apply a wall primer first to prevent salt erosion in the future and form wall cancer; also do not use oil-based paint or impermeable wallpaper coating within three months Brush or decorate.
2. Remove peeling paint film
First use a knife or iron brush to remove the peeling paint film on the wall, and then use sandpaper to smooth the surface.
3. Remove the pasted wallpaper
To paint and refurbish the wall, you need to remove the pasted wallpaper, otherwise the area covered by the wallpaper will not be visible.
4. Finish the surface
Fill the cracks in the cavity with a soil knife, wait until it is completely dry, and then smooth it with sandpaper.
5. Deal with wall lesions
Wall lesions may have stains, blisters, cracks, chipping or chalking, etc., which must be treated accordingly.
6. Primer
The “primer” paint is specially used on the wall surface that does not require special treatment. As for the problematic wall surface, it is necessary to select a special “primer” that specializes in this special problem.
7. Top paint
That is, generally use lacquer, and use wooden sticks to stir the paint evenly before use.