wardrobe Closet

Wardrobes usually refer to appliances for storing clothes. The extended meaning is all clothing of a person, especially those that can be worn on more important occasions.
Closet size
(1) The depth of the large wardrobe is generally 55-60 cm;
If the space is not particularly tight, it is better to choose a depth of 60 cm, and the cost of 55 and 60 cm is the same, but the feeling of hanging your clothes is different.
(2) The width of the side-opening cabinet door is between 45-60 cm, and the width of the sliding door is between 60-80 cm. The pressure-bearing capacity of the hinge is not as good as the rail, so for the side-opening door , The door panel should not be too wide or too heavy.
(3) The height of 140 cm for hanging the coat is sufficient.
The longest nightgown hanging height is less than 140 cm, the long down jacket is 130 cm, and the suit is 120 cm long after storage and bagging. In the design version, it is mentioned that the height should be between 140-160 cm. In fact, it should be just right. Unlike the storage space, leaving too much hanging space is a waste.
(4) The height of the hanging jacket is between 85-95 cm;
The height of the hanging jacket is enough to be 90 cm, and the space is fully utilized. If you want to be a little looser, you can add up to 95 cm.
(5) The height of hanging pants is between 80-90 cm.
(6) The height of the quilt is more flexible, about 30 cm is enough.
This space is mainly used to store quilts that are not used in seasons, usually at the top of the wardrobe.
(7) The height of the shoe storage box can be designed according to the height of the two shoe boxes, and the best control is 25-30 cm;
(8) The height of the storage backpack is more flexible. It should be considered from the perspective of the overall design of the wardrobe and the size requirements of other spaces as much as possible, so as to be “flat”. The space in my home is the same as the space of the quilt storage. .
(9) When installing the clothes rail, you should pay attention to it. The clothes rail must be centered according to the actual depth of the wardrobe, and there must be a distance of 4-6 cm from the upper board. This size must be met, because The distance is too short, it will be more difficult to put the clothes hanger in the future; the distance is too long, and it wastes space.