Washbasin size

Washbasin size.
Washbasin is an indispensable sanitary ware in people’s daily life. A basin used to wash hands and face with water. The material of the washbasin, the most used are ceramics, enamel iron, enamel steel plate, as well as edry stone and so on.
In many families, people often ignore the bathroom washbasin size problem, so that it is too high bathroom washbasin to use very inconvenient, too low will splash water, easy to make people stand back pain. Speaking of bathroom washbasin size, in fact, this also does not have a clear standard, manufacturers are generally based on the average height of family members to calculate, usually the bathroom washbasin basin basin under the cabinet and the ground distance is about 60 cm.
In many markets, it is difficult for consumers to find the same two different models of washbasin size is exactly the same, and because of this, many consumers in the choice of toilet washbasin will not pay attention to washbasin size, as long as you can match the bathroom cabinet, size difference is not very big on the line, but its decoration out of the best decorative effect.
With people pay more and more attention to bathroom decoration, many manufacturers will also specifications of toilet washbasin size, the most common washbasin size in the family is× 410×310×140mm, 600×405×155mm, 585×390mm, 1 000× 460mm, 600×460mm, 700×460mm, 900×460mm, 750×460mm, 800×460mm and other sizes, Of course, bathroom washbasins come in many sizes, and they vary.
We all know that bathroom space determines the form of washbasin installation. If your bathroom area is small, it is recommended that you choose a free-to-use washbasin, the secondary attention to height, pool surface or table height should be between 80-85 cm, the third to pay attention to finish, the table surface itself to choose smooth surface materials for easy cleaning. depth with the tap. As a rule, the depth of the sink is directly related to the strength of the tap water installed on it.
Washbasin height.
Normal washbasin mounting height:
Different bathroom decoration different washbasins, the factors are also many, in general, ordinary washbasin installation, are required in accordance with the height of the owner of the home to measure the height of the washbasin installation. Therefore, the height of the washbasin installed in each household is not uniform, but for the time being, most washbasins are installed at a height of 80cm, or about 85cm, from the ground. The main factor in determining the height of the washbasin installation is still determined by the consumer’s own usage habits. The height of 80cm is the height installed by experienced consumers.
Column washbasin mounting height:
Often visit the building materials bathroom market people, see the washbasin style is also diverse, shape modeling rules are different, there are columns, table top two, its installation method is also based on different styles of washbasin to decide. General column-style washbasin, but also most consumers’ favorite, then column-type washbasin installation height is generally how much? According to the user’s habits and the user’s height as a reference, column washbasin installation height is best in 80cm to 90cm or so, if feel too high, washbasin installation height can be adjusted to about 70cm to 80cm.