Water leakage judgment in toilet

1. Judgment of leaking toilet
Generally speaking, there are two reasons for water leakage in the toilet. One is ground seepage, and the other is serious water seepage caused by damaged water pipes.
1. Judgment of pipe seepage
Pipeline leakage mainly refers to leakage caused by defects such as damage to the upper and lower water pipes, floor drains, and toilet joints. The inspection methods are as follows:
(1) Leakage of upper water pipe
Such a situation is mainly manifested in that the leakage is continuous and uninterrupted, and sometimes the leakage is also increasing. If the main valve of the water pipe is closed, the leakage will be reduced immediately.
(2) Leakage of sewer pipe
First observe the leakage and make a record, and then turn on all the faucets and toilets for multiple flushes and pour water into the floor drain. If the leakage increases at this time, it means that the pipeline is broken and leaking. 》》Recommended reading: Causes and solutions of water leakage on bathroom wall
2. Surface leakage
There are two identification methods for surface leakage, the specific identification methods are as follows:
(1) Leakage occurs only under conditions such as bathing, mopping the floor, that is, when water is poured or accumulated on the ground and walls, and in this case, it can be determined as surface leakage.
(2) Use the method of inspection and identification of pipeline leakage to conduct inspection. If it is determined that it is not a pipeline leakage, it is a surface leakage.