Wedding room decoration strategy

1. Choose a qualified decoration company
Wedding room decoration is a trivial matter. Many newcomers have to go to work, and it is difficult to have time to run the market, buy materials, and supervise the project. Even if they ask for leave, they will inevitably lead to a loss of color and fatigue. If the decoration works Give it to the parents at home, and I am afraid that the elderly will be tired, so the decoration of the wedding room is best left to the decoration company. When choosing a decoration company, you should pay attention to choosing a company with a good reputation and high reputation, and discuss with the designer the style, method, furniture materials, etc. of the decoration, remember to sign the contract and clearly write down the responsibilities.
2. The color of the wedding room is festive
The decoration of the wedding room is mainly to create a festive atmosphere, but everything has a degree, and it is not enough. In terms of the color matching of the wedding room, if the wedding room is to highlight the festive atmosphere in the overall layout, the beautiful and comfortable color design can be said to be a labor-saving way. Red is the main color of traditional Chinese weddings, and it is becoming more and more popular among young people. However, the layout of the newlyweds’ room should not only highlight the atmosphere of celebration, but also need long-term considerations. It is safer to choose some intermediate colors, so that it is not easy to cause visual fatigue. Therefore, the festive color of the wedding room should be realized through soft decoration as much as possible. For example, the use of red carpet or red lampshade in the new house will spread the wedding atmosphere in the room and keep people in a good mood.
3. Light decoration and heavy decoration
The overall design of the wedding room should reflect a festive atmosphere, which is best achieved through soft decorations such as furniture. In the process of wedding room decoration, it is best to lightly decorate and re-decorate, and use wood and glue containing harmful substances as little as possible to reduce toxic gas pollution in the new house. Among them, general soft decoration is promising in the decoration of wedding rooms, such as red gauze curtains, crystal bead curtains, lace, flowers, lattice fabrics, etc. are excellent tools for dressing up the wedding room and rendering the atmosphere, and it is also more convenient for future flexible changes.