Wedding room decoration

1. Color matching
Color is the main theme of wedding room decoration. It is recommended to use bright and fresh colors. The walls can be light yellow, light orange, blue and white, etc., try to avoid using gray, dark green, dark brown and other dull colors. It is not recommended to paint large areas of walls in pink or red. Extensive use of these two colors in the space is not good for people’s health, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue and neurasthenia. When using gorgeous colors, you can use some intermediate colors to adjust and ease the visual impact, which can also give the space a sense of hierarchy.
2. House type selection
In terms of room types as a whole, the square is suitable for the wedding room, such as rectangular and square apartment types are good choices. But it’s better not to choose that kind of weird shape.
3. Bedroom location
The bedroom of the marriage room is best located in the auspicious position, which is suitable for the “angry” or “yannian” position in the nineth house. Such an orientation is not only conducive to the new couple’s wishful placement after marriage, but also conducive to the new couple’s mood and health.
4. Marriage bed placement
The position of the wedding bed is best to match the bride’s numerology, for example: the bride’s five elements are like wood, and the wedding bed should be near the east wall. The mirror in the bedroom should not reflect on the bed, and the mirror in the master bedroom should reflect on the bed, implying that the husband and wife are in disharmony, which can easily lead to the emergence of a third party.
5. Plant decoration
The plants in the wedding room are best to choose those with auspicious meaning, such as lilies, evergreens, ivy and so on. Followed by plants with thick and round leaves. Avoid plants with pointed and thorny leaves. These plants must be well maintained, and should be replaced as soon as they are found to be withered, so as to avoid bad marriage house Fengshui.