Wedding room design

1. Natural wind
A natural and harmonious lifestyle pursues lighting and natural space design and intuitive and concise structure. Plants and flowers are important elements in the space; low-profile furniture is easier to set off the transparency of the space, so it has become the mainstream furniture that expresses naturalistic fashion design. Use the pattern design of auto plant as the basic element of creation, pursuing the harmony of color and texture design. People are more and more aware of the importance of ecological balance, and the trend of “ecological home” has emerged. “Ecological home” pays more attention to the consideration of physical and mental health factors in the room space, and has a more reasonable overall planning in the naturalness, materials, humidity, temperature and other aspects of the indoor space, so as to be in a higher and wider range Create a comfortable living space. Now, ecology is not a simple term, but a sign of a state, following the laws of nature, from the perspective of environmental protection and conservation, pursuing a harmonious existence that is both self and connected with others. It is believed that in 2010, designers will hold the most original health guidelines, fully consider personal enjoyment, do not value gorgeous decoration, and are more keen to improve the quality of life elements such as water, air, temperature and humidity.
Two, mix and match style
Home decoration styles are becoming more and more diversified, the possibility of a pure style in the living room is becoming less and less, and designers have more and more room for free play. The concept of inclusiveness and coexistence of mix-and-match style is manifested in the compatibility of different styles, and the integration of tradition, individuality and publicity lifestyle, so that different lifestyles can coexist in the same space. Mixing and matching has also become a fashion trend, original ecology and high-tech, gorgeous and simple, ethnic and modern, a variety of styles of mixing and matching will achieve a harmonious home style in 2010. The mix-and-match style cleverly puts items of various proportions and colors together, and mixes things that are not matched at all, so there is a magical effect inside, and the original abrupt becomes harmonious. This is a mix and match. .
Three, free wind
Smart products free people from their home life. Smart home, as a product that integrates beauty, practicality and fashion, will become the development direction of interior decoration in the future. Smart products are fashionable products that continue to be in line with international standards as the decoration industry, mainly embodied in new scientific and technological achievements in sanitary equipment, kitchen equipment, anti-theft door locks, electric curtains, and lighting. For example, fingerprint locks, IP smart locks, etc., will lead the new trend of modern home door lock decoration; the advent of smart small appliances such as smart garbage processors and smart vacuum cleaners will provide us with more convenient and thoughtful services.