Wedding room layout

1. Wedding room color
Traditional Chinese weddings like to use big red to decorate the wedding room, but in the Feng Shui wedding room, it is believed that this big red is not something everyone can bear. If the five elements of numerology of newly married couples are all avoiding fire, this decorative color will have a very adverse effect on their fortune; and the heavy red will easily cause the residents to be irritable, and quarrel will be inevitable over time. White is often used in Western weddings, but in China, white has a sad meaning and is only suitable for embellishment, not the main color of the bridal chamber.
2. Wedding room type
In terms of room types as a whole, the square is suitable for the wedding room, such as rectangular and square apartment types are good choices. But it is best not to choose the kind of strange shapes, such as triangular, irregular shape of the apartment, there is a possibility of unlucky aura in the decoration of the wedding room, and newly married couples are best to avoid it.
3. The location of the wedding room
The bedroom of the marriage room is best located in the auspicious position, which is suitable for the “angry” or “yannian” position in the nineth house. This is especially important for new people who want a baby after marriage. Feng Shui in the decoration of the wedding room believes that such an orientation will not only help the newlyweds to add their own children after marriage, but also help the newlyweds feel happy and healthy.
4. Wedding room furniture
Trending makes some young couples pursue styles that are different from traditional furniture styles, of course it is understandable. However, do not use furniture that is polygonal or rectangular or irregular, otherwise it is easy to provoke disputes and it is not easy for the married life to be harmonious.