What are the advantages and disadvantages of an open kitchen


1. Aesthetics

It is possible to connect two relatively independent spaces-the kitchen and the living room, so that the decoration styles of the two spaces can be integrated, and the decoration style of the whole home can be unified and coordinated. Because of the lack of partitions, the brightness in the living room becomes larger, more transparent, and more sunny.

2. Save money

There are fewer partitions in the decoration, so a lot of money will be saved in the decoration.

3. Safety and entertainment

You can cook in the open kitchen, and you can see in the living room and dining room, and you can chat with your family while cooking food. Many mothers are always worried that their babies will bump into each other, especially when they are cooking. The open kitchen is convenient for you to take care of your babies.

4. Make the most of space

Use the wall of the floor cabinet and the wall cabinet to install the shelves, which can be placed in the disinfection cabinet microwave or install shelves, hooks, cups, seasoning bottles, shovel, spoons, etc., so as to avoid them occupying the cabinet countertops.

There will be some small gaps after placing items inside the cabinet. In view of the characteristics of the small kitchen, the designer nailed hooks and hanging rods on the cabinet doors to hang items. Some home appliances, such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, ovens, etc., can also be built into the cabinet.

5. Convenience

When working in the kitchen, there are often some items available at any time. The limited space of the small kitchen determines that these items can only be placed inside the cabinet, which is very troublesome to access. Might as well use a trolley with cabinets to solve this problem. Set the flat panel on the top of the trolley as a temporary operating table and push it back into the cabinet after use.


1. Unification is difficult

When decorating, it is difficult to unify the living room and kitchen.

2. Difficult to manage

If the kitchen is dirty, it is not easy to wash with water, so you can only use a mop.

3. Heavy pollution

A lot of dust, easy to get dirty, oily smoke problem.