What are the stair handrails

1. Iron staircase handrail
Wrought iron stair handrails are installed in an assembled form, which completely changes the many disadvantages of traditional wrought iron railings. It can be measured on-site according to the specific size of the stairs in your home. The wrought iron stair handrails can be installed easily and conveniently without on-site welding. This kind of stair handrail has fine workmanship, smooth surface, good quality and high grade.
2. Stainless steel stair handrails
Stainless steel stair handrails are made of stainless steel and are mainly divided into handrails, columns, bases and other components, usually referred to as stainless steel stair handrails. Stainless steel stair handrails are widely used in most shopping malls now. They feel good and have a modern feel. The most important feature is that they are not rusty and have a long service life.
3. Glass stair handrails
The glass stair handrails are made of laminated glass and pvc bakelite. The atmospheric shape makes the entire space of the room instantly increase. Stair handrails assembled from transparent glass are more majestic, easy to clean, and thick glass is more durable.
Four, solid wood staircase handrails
From design to carving, solid wood staircase handrails are a manifestation of ideas, a full understanding of the requirements of personalized human settlements, and a pursuit and yearning for all good. The stair handrails of pure solid wood structure are thick and firm, with fine texture and high stability. When such solid wood stair handrails are installed in the home, the overall home style becomes more stable and atmospheric, and a stable life attitude can be reflected in the furniture. come out.
5. Polymer stair handrails
Polymer stair handrails are commonly known as environmentally friendly wood and excellent wood. They are new materials widely used in developed countries. This stair handrail is a breakthrough new material in the low-carbon era. It is tougher, lower-carbon and more powerful than everyday plastic and solid wood. , It can replace traditional materials such as wood, aluminum and stainless steel.