What is a profile view

Sectional drawing, also known as cutaway drawing, is a legend of the internal structure displayed by the relevant graphics according to a certain cutting direction. The designer vividly expresses the design ideas and intentions through the form of the sectional drawing, so that the reader can intuitively understand the project The general or partial detailed approach and the use of materials. Sectional drawings are generally used in engineering construction drawings and the design of mechanical parts, supplementing and perfecting design documents, are detailed designs in engineering construction drawings and mechanical parts design, and are used to guide engineering construction operations and mechanical processing.
In addition to the design of engineering and mechanical parts, cross-sections are also used for biological research, meteorological analysis, etc. The most common and easiest to understand is the cross section of common materials.
The difference between profile view and cross-sectional view is:
  1. The cross-sectional view only draws the projection of the cross-section after the body is cut, and the cross-sectional view should draw the projection of the entire remaining part after the body is cut.
  2. The cross-sectional view is the projection of the sectioned body, which is the projection of the body, while the cross-sectional view is only the projection of a section, which is the projection of the surface. The shape to be cut must have a cut, so the cross-sectional view must include the cross-sectional view, and although the cross-sectional view is part of the cross-sectional view, it is generally drawn separately.
  3. The labeling of the sectioning symbol is different. The cut symbol of the cross-sectional view only draws the cutting position line, not the projection direction line, and only the numbered position is used to indicate the projection direction. The number is written below the cutting position line, indicating downward projection. The note is written on the left to indicate projection to the left.
  4. The cutting plane in the sectional view can be turned, but the cutting plane in the sectional view cannot be turned.