What is earth keel

The ground keel is a material used to support the shape and fix the structure. Keel is the skeleton and base material of home decoration, and it is very common. The most common ones are ceiling keels and wooden floor keels. The common material of floor keel is dried larch. The ground keel is generally only used for the laying of solid wood flooring, and composite flooring is generally unnecessary.
The keel is the skeleton of many decorations, shapes, facades, ground or top surface of the home, which supports and fixes these structures.
According to different uses, there are many types of keels. According to the materials, there are wood keels, light steel keels, aluminum alloy keels, steel keels, etc., which can be divided into ceiling keels, vertical wall keels, and floor coverings. Keel and hanging keel, etc.
Ground keel installation steps
1. Level the ground first, measure it with a 2M lean, the maximum chord height≦5mm.
2. Use an ink fountain to flick the lines into a grid with a distance of 300mm+3mm between the two lines.
3. Use an electric hammer to make a hole on the ground with a depth of 50mm-60mm and nail it into the wooden wedge. The wooden wedge must be dry, stable and not loose.
4. Open the skirting hole, the hole distance is 500mm±10mm, nail into the wooden wedge, the wooden wedge must be dry, stable and not loose.
5. Clean up, remove ground debris and floating dust.
6. Lay the PE film first. The PE film should be stacked more than 200mm on each other. Use a 60mm wide tape to stick it firmly and compactly on the side of the wall.