What is the function of the bedside stool?

What is the function of the bedside stool?
There is a beautiful bedside stool that not only has a certain visual advantage, but also plays a great role in decoration and embellishment. It can be used to place books, tea sets and cakes that we read at night, and clothes that we change when we sleep in the morning. It is convenient to wear in the morning. In addition, if the sofa is not enough to sit at home, we can also put such a stylish bedside stool in the living room, which is convenient and practical.
Korean pastoral style, the design emphasizes the natural return of the soul, giving people a strong atmosphere. Incorporating some fine late-stage accessories into the design style fully reflects the pursuit of a comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere. Emphasize an elegant, reserved and restrained attitude towards life. The styling captures neo-classical elements, and the smooth lines seem to be done in one go.
The entry-to-top wardrobe adds the design of the arc cabinet, which makes the sight more smooth and avoids the embarrassment of facing 60 cm panels. The soft-covered leather bed shows its dignity like a princess. The window position is designed with large tatami mats to increase the room. For leisure, the tall cabinet is designed to keep the size consistent with tatami mats, and also increase storage. The bedside stool can be placed with books and the clothes you change when you sleep so that it is convenient to wear in the morning, which is practical and enriches the overall picture.
The British white oak with a distressed effect is the best background color to create a rural style. Louver-shaped door panels and finely crafted decorative lines outline the charm and style of classical home furnishings. The shape captures neo-classical elements such as diagonal lines, bringing a fresh and nostalgic atmosphere. Add floral wallpaper to create a rustic and warm style. The combination of the wardrobe and the dressing table is designed to avoid the heaviness of the whole wardrobe. At the same time, it also has a spacious dressing and cleaning place. The dressing table is overlapped with the TV cabinet to increase the overall space and inertia. The bed-end stool made of the system cabinet adopts a semi-open form, which increases the practicality of the space.
This bedroom shapes a post-modern American life, using vivid lines to outline elegance and simplicity. A TV cabinet with powerful storage function was built in the recess. It is a combination of high cabinets, floor cabinets and wall cabinets. It is mostly used to cover the doors, which is convenient for sanitary cleaning. The glass cabinets can hold precious and desired items. The 1.8-meter solid wood bed has a sense of simplicity, and the addition of the foot stool is more stable.