What is the price of the partition wall

What is the price of glass partition wall
The price of glass partition walls is not the same. Glass partition tempered materials can be divided into 1.2 and 1.8, whether there are carvings, etc., so the price of glass partitions is also different. The price of general glass partitions is 150~200 yuan per square, if it is carved , Or better quality, the price is more expensive, about 300~400 yuan a square, according to different needs to choose the glass partition wall that suits you.
From our simplest single-layer glass partition, the price can be divided into 3 modes. The first one is to directly find the manufacturer to get the material, and to directly get the material can be calculated in tons and counts. At present, it is usually more calculated by the stick. Ton calculations are often used in agents and super large partition projects. This way of getting materials is the cheapest. If you can install it yourself, you can save installation costs and cutting costs. Take the single-layer glass partition aluminum profile of Luban wall as an example. The installation is very simple. You can watch the Luban wall glass partition installation video when you use it. In this way, you can cut a square of about 100.
The market also has poor quality at around 80 yuan. Of course, we all like high-quality and inexpensive products. When used in construction companies, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the main project quality and the stability of the profiles. Future maintenance and performance safety. Products of poor quality are often the most expensive.
What if many customers from other places use a small area without processing tools? It is usually a factory-made frame, and the frame is a real set of processed parts. 90% of the processes are completed in the factory. Customers only need to assemble it themselves. Generally, the high-end quality of such profile frames is about 140 yuan per square meter. If you choose poor quality, it is around 100. Of course, customers and decoration companies who guarantee the quality of the project should pay attention to it.