What kind of window screen material is good

One is based on chemical fiber. It is a very thin cloth. Generally matched with curtain cloth. A layer of cloth. A layer of yarn. A kind of screen gluing on doors and windows becomes window screens, which are widely used in doors, windows and corridors to prevent small insects from disturbing. Mostly made of nylon, common white, green and blue. Sometimes called the screen window.
Window screen material introduction, according to the different raw materials used, window screen materials can be divided into several categories, the first category is mainly textile window screen materials, textile window screen materials mainly include polyester, yarn, linen, artificial silk, pure cotton, cloth art, Fiber and so on. The second category is nylon window screen material. The third category is metal screen material, and the fourth category is glass fiber screen material. These screen materials are very environmentally friendly, so they are also widely favored by people. Then let’s have a detailed understanding of each specific window screening material! Window screening material-textile textile window screening material is basically made of chemical fiber, it is a very thin cloth, or a very layer Thin yarn. The textile window screening material is relatively light, and it is generally matched with curtain cloth, which makes people look like nothing, very hazy and romantic.
Textile window screening materials can be divided into fiber, fabric, linen and other types. However, in terms of its production process, the materials of the window screens can be divided into dyeing and jacquard types. So many types are undoubtedly to meet market demand and provide consumers with more choices. Window Screening Material-Nylon-type Nylon-type Nylon-type window screening is made of low-pressure and high-density polyethylene wire through plain weaving. The nylon window screen material is relatively light, can be acid and alkali resistant, and also has the characteristics of wind resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, nylon window screen material features many colors, mainly white, green and blue.
In addition, the use of nylon screen material is quite extensive, it is mostly used in doors and windows and some corridors and other places. Because it can prevent insects and mosquitoes. In addition, because the price of nylon screen material is relatively cheap, it is very popular among consumers. Window Screening Material-Metallic Window Screening Material is mainly black and gray in color. The metal window screen material is woven through a special process through metal wire. The metal window screen material is programmed through the weaving method of plain weaving. This kind of window screen material is relatively green and environmentally friendly, and the service life of the metal window screen material is generally relatively long. In addition, the metal window screen material also has The role of fire and flame retardant.