What material is good for sanitary partition wall

What material is good for sanitary partition wall
1. Sanitary partition wall-artificial board
Sanitary partition walls are not only used in public buildings and commercial buildings, but also in our family bathrooms. The artificial board partition in the sanitary partition wall adopts large-size boards, seamlessly connected, and the whole is consistent. Its advantages are: moisture resistance, impact resistance, pollution resistance, uniform appearance, long service life, etc. Its disadvantage is: higher cost.
2. Sanitary partition wall-natural stone
The natural stone in the sanitary partition wall has a rigid structure and is widely used in our families. The noble appearance of natural stone is sought after and loved by people. The advantages of natural stone are: moisture-proof, fire-proof, good texture, one-piece molding, no edge trimming. The disadvantages of natural stone are: there are gaps, the door leaf needs to be matched with other materials, the integrity is poor, the cost is high, and it is not easy to maintain
3. Sanitary partition wall-composite board
The advantages of composite panels with rigid structure are: low cost, simple and convenient construction. The disadvantages of composite panels are: poor durability, joints, quick maintenance and elimination, easy to be corroded by water vapor, and poor overall effect. In today’s increasingly pursuit of quality of life, it has been used very little today.
4. Sanitary partition wall-plastic
Plastic materials in sanitary partition walls, plastic materials are widely used in various fields and fields today, and they are also widely used in sanitary partition walls. The advantages of plastic materials are: low cost and waterproof. The disadvantages of plastic are: bad texture, bad appearance, easy to change, not strong overall, there are gaps, and there are few color choices.