What material is good for soundproof doors

What material is good for soundproof doors
1. Plastic steel soundproof door
Plastic-steel sound-proof door leaf is made of plastic-steel as the main material, and plastic-steel sound-proof doors are generally sealed with rubber strips, which are different from the “hard-to-hard” of ordinary aluminum alloy windows, and the sound insulation effect is more obvious. Moreover, the styles of plastic-steel sound-proof doors are diverse, and the special materials have a modern and concise sense. The plastic-steel sound-proof doors are mostly white, and there are also colored profiles, allowing more free space for decoration.
2. Empty glass soundproof door
The insulating glass soundproof door is composed of two or more layers of flat glass. The two or more pieces of glass are bonded with the aluminum alloy frame or rubber strip with a high-strength and good air-tight composite adhesive around, leaving a space between the sealing glass Space, flush inert gas to obtain excellent thermal and sound insulation performance. Due to the poor heat transfer performance of the air or gas sealed in the glass room, superior sound insulation effect is produced. Insulating glass can also be placed on the mezzanine with different window grilles to create a special decorative effect to make the door look particularly elegant.
3. Layered glass soundproof door
A PVB intermediate film is sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass. PVB interlayer film can reduce the amount of noise penetrating the glass and achieve sound insulation. Generally, there are various colors and patterns of decorative cloth to choose from.
4. Bridge aluminum soundproof door
The use of hollow glass structures with different thicknesses and a cavity structure of thermally insulated aluminum bridges can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent sound transmission, reduce noise by more than 30dB, and have an excellent sound insulation effect.