What material is good for the kitchen ceiling

Raw material classification of aluminum gusset

The raw materials are divided into: film-coated board, frosted board and roll-coated board. All boards are processed on the basis of these three types of boards.

The characteristics of the laminated board: The surface is composed of a layer of PVC, which is bonded by high temperature die-casting, and it will slightly change color after the service life is about 5 years.

Features of frosted board: The frosted board is made of wire drawing, the surface does not have many features, and it bears silver gray.

Features of Roller Coating Board: Roller coating is divided into ordinary roller coating and nano roller coating, which is a good material for kitchen ceilings.

Aluminum gusset

Aluminum gusset is a new type of ceiling material. Its purpose in home decoration is also mainly used in bathrooms or kitchens. Its performance is not only fireproof and moisture-proof, but also anti-corrosion, anti-static, sound absorption, sound insulation, beautiful and durable. It belongs to the finest ceiling material . The commonly used shapes are long, square, etc. The surface has flat and punched surfaces. The price of domestic aluminum gussets is about 60 yuan per square meter, and the price of imported aluminum gussets is about 200 yuan. The difference between the two is mainly in hardness. The board mainly depends on the gloss thickness of the paint film. Compared with traditional ceiling materials, aluminum alloy gussets have better texture and decoration. The decorative board pays special attention to decoration, with simple and smooth lines. According to the color, there are bronze, gold, red, blue, milky white and other colors. According to the shape, there are strips, squares, grid shapes, etc., but the grid shape cannot be used in the kitchen, because the heat insulation performance of the metal plate is poor In order to obtain a certain sound absorption and heat insulation function, when choosing a metal plate for ceiling decoration, you can use glass wool, rock wool and other heat insulation and sound absorption materials to achieve the effect of heat insulation and sound absorption. [1]

Aluminum Plastic Panel

The aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum and plastic. It has the characteristics of waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosion. It is a whole plate with a length of 2.44m and a width of 1.22m. It can be suspended as a whole piece or cut according to your needs. Its size is more flexible when lifting some special-shaped roofs.

pvc plastic gusset

It has strong water resistance and scrubbing resistance, and relatively low cost. The pvc plastic gusset is light in weight, easy to install, waterproof, mothproof, and the surface pattern changes very much, and it is resistant to pollution, easy to clean, and has good performance of sound and heat insulation, especially when flame retardant materials are added to the new process. It can be extinguished away from the fire, making it safer to use. The disadvantage is that the service life is relatively shorter than that of metal ceiling materials. If the pvc plastic gusset is damaged, you can reinstall the pressure strip. You should pay attention to minimize the color difference when you want to replace it. PVC panels are mainly used in bathrooms or kitchens. The price is relatively cheap, about tens of yuan per square meter, and the weight is lighter. It can be waterproof, moisture-proof and mothproof. There are many patterns, mostly plain. When selecting this kind of material, pay attention to the surface without cracks and scratches, and the grooves and wedges are flat. The disadvantage is that the high temperature resistance is not strong.

1. Flat

Plane ceiling means that there is no shape or level on the surface. The structure of this top surface is flat, concise, neat and generous, and the material is less than other ceiling forms. It is suitable for ceiling decoration of various rooms. It is usually formed by splicing various types of decorative boards, and can also be used for surface painting, spraying, wallpapering, wall covering, etc. (Gypsum board splicing is recommended for brushing latex paint, which is convenient to deal with the joint cracking.) The splicing of wood boards must be strictly processed at the interface, and must be treated with water glue or epoxy resin.

2. Concave and convex

(Usually called shape top)

Concave-convex ceiling refers to a ceiling form with concave or convex structure treatment on the surface. This type of ceiling is complex in shape, full of changes, and has a strong sense of layering. It is suitable for ceiling decorations such as halls, halls, restaurants, and so on. It is often used in conjunction with lamps (chandeliers, ceiling lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc.).

3. Suspended

Suspension type is a type of suspended ceiling in which various plates, metals, glass, etc. are suspended on the structural layer. This kind of ceiling is full of change and dynamic, giving people a refreshing sense of beauty, and is often used in ceiling decorations such as hotels, concert halls, exhibition halls, and film and television halls. Often through a variety of lighting to produce unique shapes, full of artistic interest in light and shadow. [1]

4. Well format

Well-patterned suspended ceiling is a kind of suspended ceiling that uses the shape of the well-shaped beam or the false lattice beam made for the shape of the top surface. Decorate with lamps and single-layer or multiple decorative lines to enrich the shape of the ceiling or partition the rooms reasonably.

5. Glass type

The glass top surface is a form of using transparent, translucent or stained glass as the indoor top surface. This is mainly for lighting, viewing and beautifying the environment. It can be made into a dome, flat top, folding top and other forms. It gives people the magical feeling of being bright, fresh and seeing the sky indoors.