What material is good for the living room ceiling

In the decoration of the living room, the ceiling material, which is what we call the ceiling, is essential. Different materials bring different atmospheres. When choosing the ceiling material, you can generally buy it according to your personal financial ability and preferences. Below, the editor of Qijia.com will introduce several common living room ceiling materials, hoping to help you choose better. PVC board: At present, PVC board is a very common ceiling material. This material is economical and affordable, and has excellent properties of light weight, mothproof, moisture-proof and waterproof. In addition, there are many different designs and patterns of PVC panels to meet the needs of different owners.

When purchasing a PVC board, we can tap the surface of the PVC board with our hands. The sound is crisp and not easily deformed, which is of higher quality. Gypsum board: Gypsum board is a commonly used ceiling material for living rooms in previous decorations. Although gypsum board is light in quality and low in price. However, gypsum board needs a keel during installation, and it will powder after a long time, so it is now and few people use it. Aluminum gusset: Aluminum gusset is a relatively new type of ceiling material for living room. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fire-proof and durable. In house decoration, it is also often used in kitchens and bathrooms. Although aluminum gussets are less material for living room ceilings, it is also a good choice for owners who like post-modern metal styles. Mineral wool board: The mineral wool board is a good choice as a living room decoration material. The price of mineral wool board is moderate.

Although it also needs keel installation when making it, it has good noise absorption effect and also has the properties of fire prevention and heat insulation. In addition, the surface of the mineral wool board can be embossed, which is very decorative. Compared with the previous ceiling materials, PS version is a new imported living room ceiling material. It has a lot of things: light, flexible, strong in color; it has good light transmittance and strong decoration. However, the PS version is expensive, and many people use it as a partial decoration.