What material is good for the wardrobe door

What material is good for the wardrobe door
Wardrobe door panel 1, solid wood
When it comes to wardrobe materials, solid wood is naturally the best. It avoids excessive use of adhesives, is more healthy and environmentally friendly, has strong bearing capacity, is safe and stable, and has a long service life and is durable. However, solid wood wardrobes are expensive, so the market Most of the wardrobes above are made of boards or a combination of boards and solids.
Wardrobe door panel 2, large core panel
Big core board, also called blockboard, is a good material for wardrobe frames. The big core board is a plywood with a solid wood core. The inner layer is a core spliced ​​with strips of logs, and then made by overlaying the top material on the outside. The surface is smooth and flat, strong in stability, and not easy to deform. It is divided by thickness. Three plywood, five plywood and nine plywood, the thicker the higher the price, you can choose according to the pressure and strength.
Wardrobe door 3, high density board
High-density board is a commonly used man-made board. It is made by crushing and pressing wood, branches, etc. after soaking in water. It has uniform density, high strength, and is easier to process. However, the disadvantage is that it is not moisture-proof. It is not suitable for use in humid places such as kitchen and bathroom, but it is not bad to be used as a wardrobe.
Wardrobe door 4, solid wood particle board
The solid wood particle board is made by beating solid wood into granules and then glued and pressed. It retains some of the physical properties of solid wood. It has better nail holding power and lighter texture. It will not cause too much pressure on the wardrobe, but it will bear the weight. But it is not weak, and the cost is low, cost-effective, so it is often used in wardrobe manufacturing.