What paintings should I hang in the hallway?

What paintings should I hang in the hallway?
1. The picture of six shuns: “Six” in Chinese culture symbolizes good luck, happiness, and well-being, and “fish” takes all the best. Six cute fishes are playing and playing auspiciously. The entrance to Liushun map, feng shui can bring wealth and luck to the family. Liushun pictures can also be hung in the living room. The calligraphy and painting on the head of goodwill can give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling, and can also eliminate fatigue after work and go home, and make you feel comfortable.
2. Nine Fishes Picture: As the name suggests, “Nine Fishes Picture” depicts nine carps playing in the water. “Nine” stands for long-term meaning, and “fish” stands for all the best. Nine carps playing in the water signify good luck. In Feng Shui, the red fish has the effect of prosperity, so placing the “Nine Fish Picture” in sequence can help prosperity.
3. Poetic landscape painting: The landscape painting embodies the beauty of nature, it is an objective natural scenery, and this beauty comes from nature. The beauty and majestic momentum of mountain paintings can enhance the overall image of the family and also bring wealth to the family.
4. Flower blooming and rich peony picture: Peony, as a national flower to be determined, is graceful and luxurious, beautiful in color, implying wealth and auspiciousness. This is a common theme in many home decoration paintings. The peony blossoms are very vibrant, and hanging the peony shows the prosperity of the whole family.
5. Pomegranate picture: Three-foot freehand Chinese painting “Laughing to Welcome the World”, through the interpretation of pen and ink, the artist can express profound thoughts and feelings and artistic images. The pomegranate symbolizes auspiciousness, and the Chinese pomegranate picture is suitable for hanging at the entrance of the home.
6. Entrance Fengshui Hundred Birds Chaofeng Painting
A hundred birds and phoenix symbolizes nobleness, and it also means Taiming’s prosperity. A hundred birds and phoenix can bring peace and wealth to the family.