What styles of living room furniture

What styles of living room furniture
Living room furniture style 1: New Chinese style
Traditional culture has been highly praised by the people in recent years. Whether it returns or revives, the sales of furniture brands with new Chinese styles are optimistic. This is indeed a rising tide. Consumers of new Chinese furniture range from middle-aged people with higher cultural tastes to fashionable young people. From improved rooms to newlyweds, you can see new Chinese furniture. Compared with traditional Chinese furniture, new Chinese furniture not only improves comfort, but also keeps pace with the times in terms of function. Some brands have also made antique mahogany into a complete set of cabinets. The cabinets are fully functional and have various electrical appliances. The location meets more needs of the fashionable crowd.
Living room furniture style 2: Simple style
Although the design of simple style furniture is characterized by simple, clean lines and less decoration, it does not mean simple. Simple style furniture design, especially Italian furniture as a popular wind direction indicator. The spirit of minimalism mainly originated from Western modernism in the early twentieth century. The famous quote of modernist architect MiesVanderRohe: “lessismore (less is more)” highly summarizes the central idea of ​​minimalism. The characteristic of this style is that the design elements and materials are very simple, but the color formation is very labor-intensive, and the materials used are of high texture and expensive. Therefore, the minimalist home space is more subtle, but it emphasizes texture.
Living room furniture style 3: European style
European style furniture is an important element of European style decoration, with Italian, French and Spanish style furniture as the main representatives. (Beijing Jinqili Furniture) Pay attention to hand-made fine cutting and carving. The outline and turning part are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or curved surfaces, and are decorated with gold-plated copper ornaments, imitation leather, etc., with simple structure, smooth lines, rich colors, and strong artistic sense. The overall feeling is luxurious and elegant, and very solemn .
Living room furniture style 4: American style
American furniture, as the name suggests, is style furniture from the United States. American furniture is the most typical representative of colonial style furniture. It is one of the typical American furniture. As the largest colony in Europe, American furniture blends the styles of European countries to create a new home style