What to do if the room is wet

The solution for damp rooms
1. Use dehumidifier
The room is humid, you can use desiccant and activated carbon to prevent moisture and absorb moisture. There are many desiccants dedicated to moisture and dehumidification in supermarkets, the most common are the two types of moisture absorption boxes and dehumidification bags.
2. Use lime and bamboo charcoal to dehumidify
Pack a proper amount of lime in a small cloth bag, tie it into a small bag and place it in every corner of the room. The lime itself has the effect of absorbing moisture and can also alleviate the humidity in the room. At the same time, the lime has a disinfecting effect, which can kill two birds with one stone. Bamboo charcoal can be used repeatedly for dehumidification, but it can be used more often, and the effect is not so good if it is missing.
3. Use machine to dehumidify
Buy an air dehumidifier, it is like a vacuum cleaner, it can collect the moist air together, wait until the humidity is often turned into water, use air conditioning to dehumidify. Air conditioners used in homes generally have the function of dehumidification. However, the way the air conditioners adjust the humidity of the indoor air has a slower effect. It usually takes two or three hours and makes people indoors feel cold.
4. Use doors and windows cleverly to solve the damp problem
Doors and windows should be closed when there is heavy humidity outside to prevent moisture and moisture. In normal times, more windows should be opened for ventilation to reduce indoor water vapor content. Especially in the newly renovated new house, the moisture is very high, and more ventilation is required to remove the moisture.