What to do if the toilet leaks

What to do if the bathroom leaks? Method 1. If the waterproof layer leaks, remove the original tiles and clean the base surface. After the cement mortar is proportioned, the ground is leveled, and further waterproofing is done. The height of the waterproofed wall is controlled at about 30cm. After the wall is waterproofed, it can better prevent the toilet from leaking.
What to do if the toilet is leaking, Method 2. If the toilet is leaking from the waterproof layer, you don’t need to plan the tiles, just use a new type of penetrating waterproofing agent to do the waterproofing on the surface of the toilet again, so that the water does not enter the ground and directly flows away from the waterway. .
What to do if the toilet is leaking? Method 3. If it is a problem with the upper and lower water pipes, and the water pipes are underground, you need to consider planing tiles, but it is not necessary to redecorate the bathroom. For example, if the water inlet pipe is leaking, the pipe can be changed instead of the leaking pipe. If the drain is leaking, it is also necessary to find the specific location of the leak. According to the situation, it is determined to be partially planed to solve the problem, and it is not necessary to plan all of it.
What to do if the toilet leaks? Method 4. The toilet is relatively humid, and the bathroom is often surrounded by water vapor. When repairing the toilet leaking, you can consider replacing the ceiling with a waterproof PVC gusset and install it on the keel to cover the pipe. When the toilet leaks, the ceiling pressure is also huge, and it is also necessary to do a good job in the ceiling to prevent moisture.
What to do if the toilet leaks? Method 5. For the leakage of the ground pipes and hot and cold water pipes, you should first plan to open the floor tiles, find the joints of the water pipes, and seal them. If the water pipe itself has cracks, you need to replace the water pipe. The water pipes were buried again, the waterproof layer in the area was repaired, and the floor tiles were restored.
After repairing the toilet water leakage, don’t forget to test the waterproofness. Seal the sewer pipe and floor drain, drain the water and record the water level. If the water level does not drop significantly after 24 hours, then the toilet water leakage problem is completely resolved.