White decoration

White decoration refers to the interior decoration design with white tones as the main color

White decoration 1. The sofa with big flower case is not easy to control, but it is the first choice for designing home highlights. In the living room space with blank treatment, add eye-catching flower table sofa, enrich the expression of the space with colors, and create a different home atmosphere.

2. The best colors at home are milky white, ivory, and white. These three colors are most suitable for human vision, because sunlight is a white series, which represents light and human heart. The eyes also need light to reconcile, and the white series in the home is best equipped with furniture, and the white series also represents hope.

3. Creamy yellow and white are the main colors. Such as creamy yellow ground and walls, ivory white furniture, and large area of ​​thin jacquard polyester as floor-to-ceiling windows make the whole atmosphere soft and elegant.

White decoration In order to achieve the space concept of a warm home, in the overall material conception, the natural color of white wall and white top wooden floor is used as the basic finish, without any extra paving.
This is a material application concept that seems to have no design content.
In order to further reduce the information overload, I resolutely refrained from placing chandeliers on the ceiling of the living room, but arranged some small-caliber LED spotlights.
In addition, it is equipped with a reflective light source placed on the wall to make the top glow and produce a soft and uniform warm light.
Space has always been a stage or a container for life. Space has no meaning at all. It has meaning only because of the behavior and life of the insider.