Window cleaning

Glass window
 Glass windows are windows made of non-crystalline solid materials that gradually increase in viscosity during the cooling process. Glass is brittle and transparent. There are quartz glass, silicate glass, soda lime glass, fluoride glass and so on. Usually refers to silicate glass, which is obtained from quartz sand, soda ash, feldspar and limestone as raw materials, after mixing, high temperature melting, homogenization, processing and forming, and then annealing. It is widely used in construction, daily use, medical treatment, chemistry, electronics, instrumentation, nuclear engineering and other fields.
Window cleaning
1. Tool selection
The glass-wiping tips start with tools, and choosing the right tool can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. Generally, households use a rag to wipe glass, and two rags should be prepared at the same time, one for each wet and one dry. Wipe the glass clean with a damp cloth first, and then dry it with a dry cloth. The point is to wipe the glass with a dry cloth when the glass is still wet.
Second, determine the location of the stain
Sometimes the stains on the glass don’t know which side is causing many people’s headaches. Here is a practical way for everyone. You can use the most common method in the shop, the Haqi method. You can quickly determine which side of the glass is. Stain on one side. The other is the horizontal and vertical combination method. When wiping one side, use horizontal wiping and the other side with vertical wiping, so that you can quickly determine which side is stained and not clean. These two glass-wiping tips are the best way to judge stubborn stains.
Third, avoid the problem of fine hair
What to do to avoid rag lint on the glass? Used newspapers are used in the glass cleaning tips, which is a common wiping method in life. After we wiped the glass with a rag, we wrinkled an old newspaper, and then wiped the glass so that the rag on the glass disappeared.
Here are a few tips for cleaning glass to remove stains without much effort:
1 Wipe the glass with a towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar to quickly remove the dirt on the glass.
2 Put some chalk, grey water or plaster powder on the glass first, and wipe the glass with a cloth after it is dry. 3 Put some water in the basin, pour a little shampoo and mix it, and use it to wipe the glass, it will look extra clean and bright.
4 In winter, the surface of the glass is easy to be frosted. It can be wiped with a cloth dipped in strong salt water or white wine.
5 The dirt on the glass can be wiped clean and bright with a cloth or recycled wire dipped in toothpaste.
6 Take two cloths, one dry and one damp, and wipe both sides of the glass with a damp cloth; then damp a small amount of white wine with a dry cloth and wipe the glass vigorously to make it clean and bright.