Window screen installation

1. In case of wind and rain, close the doors and windows in bad weather. Before closing the window, the mosquito screen must be rolled back. If the screen floats out due to too much wind, the mosquito screen must be inserted into the track before pulling the screen. When the wind is too strong, the user is recommended to do so. Keep windows down or do not use mosquito screens.
2. If the surface of the mosquito screen frame is accidentally scratched or ground, it can be scrubbed with Belle Bead or sprayed with paint. Do not pedal hard on the aluminum profile of the mosquito screen window screen door to avoid damage to the aluminum profile of the mosquito screen window screen door.
3. When using mosquito screens ordinarily, pull the mosquito screen beams parallel to the track when pulling the mosquito screens to avoid forcibly uneven force, causing the mosquito screens to pull the beams out.
4. It is best to pull mosquito screens or screen doors several times a week, and do not leave mosquito screens for a long time. Because the mosquito screen does not need to be removed for cleaning, it can be used for cleaning when the mosquito screen is pulled. The most feared is that the dust will be rolled into the yarn box after it has accumulated. If the invisible screen door of the kitchen is stained with oily fumes, use a damp cloth dipped in detergent and wipe the gauze with a damp cloth. After wiping, wipe the other side. Wait for the gauze to dry before rewinding.
6. When you don’t need to use mosquito screens, window screens should be put away, which will be more durable.