Winter interior decoration

In the cold winter, everyone is willing to live in a house that looks warm. Modern urban life is busy and stressful. A warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure space.

Color matching for winter interior decoration

Peach is a fashionable and sweet color, very suitable for the wedding room of newlyweds. In the living room, you can leave a wall painted in peach red, giving a strong visual impact, and then match 1-2 pieces of soft decoration, such as pillows or desk lamps to echo this color, it will give you a very Stunning living room.

1. This living room is also in the simple style furniture, mixed with a rustic style sofa. This sofa chooses patterns and colors similar to blue and white porcelain, which is very Chinese.

2. The design of this living room has some Italian atmosphere and simplicity. The large and simple sofa is a low-key luxury. The exquisite hollow pattern decoration on the sofa enhances the texture of the wall. There are also chairs with a strong sense of design, and super simple lattice bookcases, both of which are classic elements of Italian design.

3. The living room is not big, but the storage function is super powerful. The whole face of the log bookcase cleans up the family who loves books. The color of the space is mainly silver, wood and white, which is bright and transparent, avoiding the depression of the entire book wall.