Wood fire door installation process

Wood fire door installation process.
Door installation location and high dash→ gate fan to installation site →prosting fire door→ wood wedge temporary fixation→ according to the horizontal line to re-review temporary fixation → welding fixation→ hole maintenance→ installation hardware accessories→ painting four, construction method 1, wooden fire door in storage to pay attention to rain and waterproof, to prevent moisture.
2, wooden fire doors should be reliable packaging or take containers before transport, transport should be smooth, strictly prohibit shock and extrusion, to prevent deformation.
3, the installation of the door wall to check the door frame and door fan, damage, deformation and painting, etc. need to be trim and paint.
4, wooden fire door and wall connectors should be buried in advance in the wall, the location and number of pre-buried parts should be consistent with the door frame.
5, door frame installation should first correct the door frame and front and rear and left and right vertical and horizontal, according to the design requirements to determine its height, door frame to meet the requirements of the remaining seams, first with wood wedges in the four corners of the door frame positioning, and then check, Make sure that the door frame and the pre-buried part are securely connected, then remove the wooden wedge, fill the plug gap with 1:2 cement mortar, and do not do any work on the door frame until the mortar has solidified.
6, wood fire door fan installation should achieve open and close flexibility, no blocking and rebound phenomenon. Door lock installation to be correct and reliable, other hardware accessories in accordance with the design of steel fire door requirements.
7, wood fire doors installed to strengthen protection, so as not to damage the fire doors in the construction of other projects.