Wooden door measurement

The details of the wooden door measurement: 1. The high requirement is measured three times, measured in the order of left, center, and right, and the result is the most accurate. 2. Pay attention to the installation sequence of the door and the floor. It is recommended to install the door first and then the floor. (1) The position of the buckle between the living room and the bedroom cannot be determined. The craft requires that the buckle must be directly under the wooden door, and the buckle cannot be seen inside and outside after the door is closed. (2) Make the skirting line after the floor is installed.

If the door cover is not installed, the skirting line on both sides cannot be fixed. In this way, the worker who installs the floor has to come and fix it, which wastes both parties’ time. Install the door first. The door cover can directly reach the ground. When installing the floor, you can use an electric saw to cut out a reasonable space under the door cover to pave the floor. The gap under the wooden door can be reserved according to the thickness of the floor, generally 2cm-2.5cm.

Precautions for wooden door measurement: 1. It is required that the door hole is completed and the wall is vertical without inclination, the thickness of the left and right wall stacks are the same, and they are on a vertical end face, otherwise the overall door may be installed incorrectly or there may be seams between the thread and the wall and the size is uneven The phenomenon. 2. The surveying personnel will put forward corresponding rectification requirements based on the actual measurement of the hole size on site, and ask the customer to confirm the product production and installation hole size, and the customer will implement the construction team to carry out the rectification construction. Different series of doors have different structural dimensions, so it is necessary to pay attention to the boundary position of different materials (floor and floor, floor and masonry layering position) during ground construction.

Avoid the phenomenon that two different materials are exposed on the floor where the door leaves fall. 3. If the customer’s rough wall thickness, width, or height does not match the standard combined size during measurement, the customer’s construction team is required to carry out the construction before the finished door is installed on the site. Plates, masonry, etc. can be used for restructuring, such as adding/removing Chisel wall stacks, raise/lower door openings, etc. Avoid the failure of the finished door to be installed smoothly.

4. If there is a height difference between the hall and the kitchen and bathroom floor, you should confirm the size of the floor after the completion of the measurement with the surveyor and mark it on the measurement sheet to prevent errors during installation. It is emphasized here that the decoration horizontal line is the only reference standard for the completed size of the ground and the actual height of the opening. Therefore, the decoration horizontal line must be clearly and accurately marked when measuring. 5. For the installation of the finished door, there must be a 10-25mm installation glue seam on the mounting end of the cover plate and the opening.

Wooden door measurement method: door width = door leaf width + door sleeve line width; door opening width = door leaf width + door leaf reserved gap + door frame main board thickness + door frame fixed plate thickness + door frame adjustment margin; 1. Door opening measurement: door opening width: Measure the distance between the left and right of the door opening horizontally, and select more than five measurement points for measurement, where the minimum value (minus the door frame adjustment margin) is the width of the door frame. The height of the doorway: vertically measure the distance from the top and bottom of the doorway, select three or more measurement points to measure, the minimum value (see the door frame adjustment margin) is the door frame extension height dimension.

Note: During the measurement process, attention should be paid to the ground treatment, and the thickness of the ground decoration materials should be reserved for the needs. The thickness of the wall of the doorway: measure the wall thickness horizontally, and select more than five measuring points to measure with all your heart. The maximum value is the thickness of the wall. If the wall needs to be decorated, the thickness of the doorway wall needs additional decoration materials. 2. Measurement of door leaf: door leaf = void inside door frame-reserved gap.

The width of the door leaf: horizontally measure the empty distance in the door frame, and select more than five measurement points to measure, the minimum of which is (minus the reserved gap) is the width of the door leaf. The height of the door leaf: vertical measurement of the empty distance inside the door frame, select more than three measuring points to measure, the minimum value (minus the reserved gap) is the height of the door leaf. Note: Pay attention to the ground handling during the measurement process, and reserve a suitable size for the needs. The difference between the height of the door leaf and the height of the door opening is 5-10mm, and the thickness of the door leaf is 38mm and 45mm, which must be matched with the door frame.

Conditions for wooden door measurement: 1. The customer and the person in charge of construction must be on site. 2. Hydropower reconstruction and wall reconstruction must be completed. 3. The horizontal line is available, the kitchen and bathroom walls and floor tiles need to be laid, and the floored room needs to be leveled. The height of walls, floor tiles, and floors must be determined. 4. Determine whether to increase wall stacks for flat walls. 5. Three parties must sign after measurement.