Wooden floor decoration

Bedroom wooden floor decoration effect picture 1: This bedroom looks very relaxing, the light aqua blue can relieve stress and promote sleep. The yellow wooden floor not only improves the comfort of the bedroom, but also allows the refreshing and natural atmosphere to spread in the space. In this environment, you can fully enjoy the fun of sleep.
Bedroom wooden floor decoration effect picture 2: When it is time to go to bed, turn off all the lights and keep your bedroom in the dark. Remove all luminous electronic products, such as mobile phones and laptops, from the vision of sleep, and only feel the high-quality sleeping environment brought by comfortable bedding and floor.
Bedroom wooden floor decoration effect diagram 3: This bedroom is based on warm and romantic theme, and the design is very simplified. There is no superfluous decoration on the wall, and only a simple lattice carpet is laid on the floor. But with the faint yellow light of the bedside lamp, the overall space is more warm.
Bedroom wooden floor decoration effect chart 4: This bedroom can only be described by two words concise, all the extra decorations are discarded by the designer, only relying on the light gray wall, white ceiling and brown wooden floor to form the whole Bedroom space. The window sill between the wooden wardrobe on the left and the bed is cleverly designed as a hanging storage cabinet, which can also be used as a desk.