Precautions for woodworkers when entering the site: 1. When you get the designer’s drawings, it is best to carefully review the dimensions before signing. Normally, the specifications of the standard wood core board and veneer are 1.2m×2.44m, and the glass is 1.2m×2m. If the plane size exceeds the specifications, collage or special customization is required. If the material plane and thickness specifications are ignored, the The production caused great obstacles and excessive expenditure.

2. Woodworkers should bring their own toolboxes, workbenches, air compressors and other common tools, especially workbenches. Do not let the decoration workers use the wood bought by the owner to order, and be sure to explain clearly to the decoration company or the foreman of the decoration team before the decoration. .

3. Before the woodworker enters the site, the board enters the site, carefully check whether the board enters the site in accordance with the contract and whether it is genuine. 4. Like plumbers, woodworkers are also the main source of profits for the decoration team, and also the main source of formaldehyde in the decoration. To control this, in addition to the board must comply with the national environmental protection regulations, the wood paint used must also be selected.

Tips for woodworking: 1. Buy a paintbrush once the pattern panel goes out to avoid being stained. 2. The gypsum board should have a 3mm seam with the wall to prevent cracking. 3. It is best to maintain the external corner of the gypsum board. 4. Paint the top and bottom of the wooden door. 5. Try to buy all the cabinets, the woodwork is not good, and the design is not good. 6. After you buy the big wood plank, you should saw it and air dry.