Yellow decoration matters needing attention

Yellow Decoration According to Shen Zheng, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Peking University, yellow is a warm color, which can relax the mood and relieve tension. When people defecate, part of the muscles of the body are in a state of tension and contraction. At this time, maintaining a happy mood can relax the muscles and help defecate. In fact, defecation and bathing are all physical and psychological adjustments. Choose warm colors in the bathroom, such as light yellow, light green, light blue, light orange, etc., which can help you soothe your nerves.

In a bathroom with a relatively narrow space, the yellow color can also have the effect of broadening the field of vision, making the whole bathroom softer, more spacious and bright. When decorating and decorating the bathroom, you can spread beige tiles, and you can choose light yellow for bathtubs and shower curtains. Windows and cabinets can be made of wood to give them a natural light brown and yellow color. If possible, you can also light a few scented candles, under the soft yellow candlelight, so that people slowly soothe the mood and relax the body and mind.

In addition, the wash basins in general bathrooms are mainly white, and some green plants can be placed on the countertops of the sink to make the bathroom full of vitality and vitality. If the bathroom has a large space, you can post some warm-toned paintings behind the door or on the wall where the water can’t be showered. Seeing pleasing pictures will also make you feel good.