Yellow decoration

Yellow decoration yellow+orange sunshine warm

The most vivid color is yellow. Yellow can give people a warm feeling. However, because it is as prominent and eye-catching as red, excessive use of vivid yellow on large items may make people anxious.

It is most suitable to use whitish cream as the background color of walls or curtains. Because it widens the vision and makes the room feel spacious.

As a bright yellow color scheme, gray and orange are better. If bright yellow is matched with gray, it will make people feel peaceful and live comfortably. Of course, if you want to make the room bright and colorful, you can also decorate the room with green.

yellow + brown combination

is known as the most gentle combination is yellow + tea, tea does not refer to a single color, it is composed of yellow or orange and black added.

Because yellow and brown are similar in color, they are easy to unify. However, there are many differences in color. Even yellow and brown can’t be said to match, there is a slightly greenish yellow,

also has a reddish brown. If you want to emphasize the unity of colors, you must choose all colors.